Rainwater and greywater

Discover how to use alternative water around your home.

There are two types of alternative water that you can collect and reuse in your own home. Using alternative rain or grey water can help you reduce your use of drinking water, lower the cost of your water bills and create good practices for times of drought.


Installing a rainwater tank to collect runoff from your roof is a great way to save water and it can add value to your home.

Water from your tank can be used to water your garden or lawn at any time, wash your car, or you can even connect it to your toilet for flushing.


Greywater is useful during times of drought and water restrictions and people can divert their greywater to a reuse system for their domestic plumbing. Untreated greywater should not be stored for more than 24 hours.

You can also use rainwater and some sources of greywater on your garden. Visit the Environment Protection Authority website for information on reusing household greywater.

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