Target 155

Target 155 is a voluntary water conservation initiative of the Victorian Government. It aims to encourage people to be mindful of our precious resource and reduce our average daily water use to below 155 litres per person. 

The average is currently 157 litres per person per day, so we have a little more work to do. See page 2 of your water bill to find out your household’s average daily water use per person. 

With Melbourne’s population growing quickly, climate changing with extreme weather events and uncertain rainfall, we always need to look for ways to save our precious drinking water, no matter what the weather forecast is.

Watch the video below to learn how you can reach our target of 155 litres per person, per day.

To help reduce your daily water use, here’s some handy tips. If we each save a little, we all save a lot.


shower headStick to four-minute showers – this saves thousands of litres of water each year.

wels star ratingInstall a water-efficient showerhead – an efficient WELS 3 star rated showerhead uses as little as 5 litres every minute, compared to 15-20 litres per minute for an inefficient one.

brush and mugTurn the tap off when brushing teeth a running tap can waste up to 16 litres of water every minute. 

washing machineInstall water efficient appliances and equipment – find out more about water efficiency labelling and standards at

tapFit flow-controlled aerators to your taps these are inexpensive and can reduce water flow by 50%. 

leaky tapFix leaky taps or toilets – a leaky tap can waste 30-200 litres of water every day and a continuously running toilet can waste up to 60,000-96,000 litres of water every year.

For more ways to save water indoors visit our saving water at home page.


wheelbarrowPut mulch on your garden beds this will reduce evaporation by up to 70%.  

recycleWater your plants with shower water keep a bucket in the shower to capture water whilst it warms up.

drip systemInstall a drip irrigation system this will water plants more efficiently at the roots and help reduce weeds.

water dropInstall a rainwater tank your garden and back pocket will thank you.

soil and plantTest your soil before watering if the soil is moist your plants don’t need watering.

For more ways to save water outdoors visit our sustainable gardening page.

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