Stormwater harvesting

Greater Western Water is leading the way in developing stormwater harvesting projects across our service area.

What is stormwater harvesting?

Stormwater harvesting involves collecting, treating, storing and using stormwater runoff from urban areas.

It is an efficient, essential part of our strategy to provide alternative water for irrigation, and to provide water for a greener west.

You can learn more about stormwater harvesting at Melbourne Water’s website.

Why is it important for Melbourne?

Stormwater harvesting can provide many benefits to Melbourne including:

  • providing a source of fit-for-purpose alternative water
  • removing waterborne pollution from waterways to protect waterway health
  • reducing pollution to Port Phillip Bay
  • improving flood resilience
  • improving urban landscapes, amenity and liveability through irrigation open space
  • assisting to cool our suburbs by fostering functional green spaces that provide shade and natural cooling.

Our Stormwater projects

We have several stormwater harvesting projects in operation, supplying hundreds of million of litres of stormwater per year for irrigation of sports grounds and public open spaces.

We continue to partner with councils in our service area to deliver new stormwater harvesting projects that save precious drinking water while keeping our local parks, gardens and sporting ovals green.

Our Stormwater Harvesting Partnering Fund

Greater Western Water is co-funding a series of new stormwater harvesting projects for open spaces, parks and sports fields through our Stormwater Harvesting Partnering Fund.

The fund is one of the most practical ways we’re partnering to benefit our community through impactful projects that bring liveability and environmental benefits to Melbourne’s west and our greater service area.

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