Saving water at home

Here’s an overview of where a typical household uses most of its water*.

Infographic of a dissected house, showing the highest use of water in the home is in the shower at 31%

*Figures based on Greater Western Water’s report Residential End Use Measurement Study Aug. 2017- Jul. 2018

Simple and easy ways to save water

There are simple and easy ways we can all make a difference to the water we use.

Showerhead exchange program

Swap your old inefficient showerhead for a water efficient one – for free!

Installing a water efficient showerhead is one of the easiest ways to improve water efficiency in your home and reduce your water and energy bills as well as your environmental impact.

To find out more, visit Showerhead exchange program.

Toilet replacement program

Replace your old toilet for one of three different 4-star WELS-rated dual flush models.

With one quick phone call we’ll handle the delivery and installation. You’ll have the best seat of the house in no time.

To find out more, visit Toilet replacement program.

Smart Approved WaterMark partnership

Greater Western Water is a proud supporter of Smart Water Advice. In collaboration with Smart Approved WaterMark we are providing a range of tips and resources to help you save water in your home, garden and at work.

To find out more visit

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