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Recycled water

Discover how recycled water is delivered and can be used around your property.

Recycled water is giving us new opportunities to save valuable drinking water while allowing water-using activities such as washing the car or clothes to go ahead without restrictions.

How recycled water works

Drinking water is transferred from a reservoir and treated to meet water quality requirements before being piped to your home. But how is recycled water collected and treated?

Step 1 - After an initial treatment process, wastewater from your home is further treated at a recycled water plant. It is now suitable to be used for toilet flushing, irrigation or car washing.

Step 2 - Aquifer Storage and Recovery is used to store excess recycled water underground in winter, so that it can be used in summer when demand is high.

Step 3 - Recycled water is then piped back through purple pipes to be reused – saving thousands of litres of valuable drinking water.

What can recycled water be used for?

As explained above all recycled water goes through an intensive cleaning process at our treatment plants. Recycled water is a great alternative to using drinking quality water around the home and garden. You can use recycled water for actives like:

  • Watering the garden.
  • Washing cars.
  • Doing laundry.
  • Flushing the toilet.

How do you know if there is recycled water at your property?

For now recycled water is only available in estates where special purple coloured taps and pipes have been installed during construction. Storage of recycled water on residential properties is not currently allowed.

If you live in a recently developed estate you will notice a purple tap outside your property.

Public amenities such as parks and open spaces, fountains and ornamental ponds will also benefit from the use of recycled water

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