Proposed projects

We currently have seven stormwater projects in development in our service area.

Balmoral Park

BalmoralGreater Western Water, in partnership with Brimbank City Council will undertake the construction of the Balmoral Park Stormwater Harvesting Scheme.

The project will assist with the irrigation of two local sporting ovals, with an option to further irrigate the sports oval at Derrimut Primary School. The project is expected to increase water security for the current and future green infrastructure of Balmoral Park, assisting in reducing pollution from downstream waterways and supporting the potential for the future growth of a nearby school.

It further aims to raise awareness of conservation areas and the benefits of sustainable water management, while supporting community health and well being by providing a useable space year round.

Arndell ParkArndell Park

Greater Western Water, in partnership with Wyndham City Council will undertake the design and construction of the Arndell Park Stormwater Harvesting Scheme. The project will utilise the iconic Melbourne Outfall Sewer (the MOS) to store, treat and deliver harvested water for irrigation to open parkland.

The Arndell Park Greening the Pipeline (GTP) project will link to the Williams Landing GTP pilot site, further showcasing Integrated Water Management to demonstrate the transformation of an unused and decommissioned sewer asset into community parkland.

Stormwater captured from the site will be used for the irrigation of the community space, encouraging active lifestyles and reducing the impacts of urban heat stress. 

Edinburgh Gardens

Greater Western Water, in partnership with Yarra City Council will undertake the design and construction of the Edinburgh Gardens Stormwater Harvesting Project, an augmentation of the existing infrastructure.

It will include an additional below ground modular storage cell and upgrades to the existing pipelines and pumping infrastructure, as well as new products aimed at reducing costs over the traditional infrastructure.

The project will provide an alternative option for the irrigation of open parkland while improving the water quality for Merri Creek and the Yarra River, improving the amenity for this popular park.

Works UnderwayWoodlands Park

The works will upgrade the existing ponds into a functional wetland, increasing the capacity and performance to treat stormwater. It will also include construction of a new pumping system and controls. Further improvements to the surrounding landscaping will commence early in 2020.

The project aims to harvest over 53 million litres per year to irrigate the whole of Woodlands Park. The harvested stormwater will be treated in an upper treatment pond, and stored for re-use on site in the lower harvesting pond before being pumped to irrigate the grassed open spaces. The treated stormwater will also sustain aquatic wildlife habitat in and around the wetland. Benefits of the project include improved water quality for aquatic wildlife habitat, irrigation of open space and flood retention.

The project will incorporate new products aimed at reducing costs over traditional infrastructure, a reduced pump house footprint using a compact Pump Kiosk design, improved water quality technology and high performance instrumentation.

Woodlands Park is in Essendon, the project has commenced construction and is on track for completion by December 2019.

This project is a partnership between Moonee Valley City Council, Greater Western Water and Melbourne Water.


Laverton Baseball Centre

Greater Western Water, in partnership with the State Baseball Softball Centre Trust, Hobsons Bay City Council and DELWP will fund the design and construction of a pipeline to supply harvested stormwater from the existing Laverton North Stormwater Harvesting facility for the irrigation of the baseball centres, sporting fields and the surrounding grass reserves.

The project will allow for a reduction in water usage costs for the centre while providing community health and liveability through the maintenance of greener, open spaces to be used for recreational activities. 

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