Our existing stormwater harvesting projects

We have six stormwater harvesting projects in operation in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Laverston stormwater

Laverton Stormwater Harvesting Project

The Laverton Recreational Reserve Stormwater Harvesting Scheme is a partnership project between Greater Western and Hobsons Bay City Council.

The stormwater harvesting scheme is designed to treat approximately 92 million litres per year of harvested stormwater from Laverton Creek, located near the Princess Freeway. 

The stormwater harvesting scheme supplies 80% of the Laverton Recreation Reserve’s water demand. These flows represent only approximately 2% of the total runoff (4,900 million litres per year) that could be harvested from an estimated 4,000 hectares of the Laverton Creek catchment.

The stormwater treatment facility involves a diversion that removes pollutants such as plastic bottles, then the stormwater is treated in a series of wetlands. The wetlands are designed to remove sediment and reduce nutrient levels. The stormwater is then pumped into a 4.5 million litre open storage basin used to irrigate the Laverton Recreational Reserve.

Laverton Stormwater 2

The Laverton Creek Recreation Reserve is best viewed from the car park. You will find an interpretive sign which explains how the Stormwater Harvesting Scheme works.

This reserve is fast becoming an important biodiversity asset for the area, with growing vegetation providing habitat for a range of fauna including resident water birds such as the Pacific black duck and Egrets.

The Hobsons Bay Conservation Team manage the reserve through targeted weed control and revegetation of local indigenous species.


Afton Street

Afton Street

The stormwater project on Afton Street involved the construction of a conservation wetland for the purpose of treating and harvesting stormwater from the Afton Street main drain in Aberfeldie.

The water is used to provide year-round irrigation to three parks and reserves in the City of Moonee Valley.


Green Gully

Green Gully

Greater Western Water, in partnership with Brimbank City Council developed a stormwater harvesting project for the Green Gully Reserve.

A system of drains carries stormwater to a 3 million litre capacity holding pond, providing 75 per cent of the site’s water. The Green Gully Park project has helped to save 41 million litres of Melbourne’s drinking water, that would otherwise have been used for irrigation, each year.


Paisley park

Paisley Park

The Paisley Park Stormwater Harvesting is a joint initiative undertaken by Hobsons Bay City Council and Greater Western Water, developed to reduce the reliance on drinking water for irrigation for sports grounds, and to improve the quality of Melbourne’s waterways.

Stormwater is treated by a series of wetland ponds for the irrigation of sporting ovals and a bowls club located within Paisley Park in Altona North.


Keilor Golf

Keilor Public Golf Course

Greater Western Water in partnership with Brimbank City Council developed a stormwater harvesting project for the Keilor Public Golf Course. This is one of three projects within Brimbank that delivers treated stormwater to public spaces.

Since the project began supplying treated stormwater to the golf course in September 2013, 40 million litres of water has been harvested annually and utilised to maintain playing surfaces all year round.


lake Caroline

Lake Caroline

The Lake Caroline stormwater harvesting project involves treating, storing and distributing 52 million litres of stormwater from Lake Caroline to the communal facilities surrounding the Caroline Springs town centre.

Gardens and lawns surrounding the Caroline Springs Recreational Reserve, Catholic Regional College as well as the Caroline Springs civic centre and library benefit from the use of stormwater to irrigate the green spaces.

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