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Meet the Water Wallies

Four everyday people are unsuspectingly going about their business, but watch them get caught in the water-wasting act!

There is one in every household - perhaps you can see yourself in one of our Water Wallies?

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Five top water saving tips

Follow these daily water saving tips to help preserve our precious resource this season and beyond.

Tip 1. Choose the ‘quick wash’ cycle to maximize economies when you only have half a load of clothes ready to wash.

Tip 2. Wash your fruit and vegetables in a tub in the sink and then use the excess water on your plants afterwards.

Tip 3. Water your garden between 6-8pm for best results. Your plants will appreciate a good soaking after the harsh sunbeams from the day.

Tip 4. Concrete doesn’t need to be hosed. Use your broom to clean driveways and paths. Your arm muscles will thank you for the little elbow grease required.

Tip 5. Halve your shower time and save thousands of litres of water a year. Now that should give you something to sing about in the bathroom. Just remember to skip the encore!

Visit Smart Water Advice for more cool water saving tips for your home and garden.

James the Dad

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Nonna Maria

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Neighbour Maeve

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Uni student Nishant

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