Saving Water

Want to reduce the cost of your water bill, create a greener garden or recycle your water – we’ve got the tips and advice that can help.


Help with water leaks

High-water usage may be due to an undetected leak. To check if your property has a leak, you can do a leak test.

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Saving water at home

Here’s an overview of where a typical household uses most of its water*.

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Sustainable gardening

Create a sustainable green space for your home, school or community - its good for your health and the environment.

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Target 155

Target 155 is a voluntary water conservation initiative of the Victorian Government.

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Permanent water use rules

Permanent Water Use Rules were introduced in 2011 to help manage our water efficiently. These rules let you know how you can use water around your residential or commercial garden or lawn. 

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Recycled water

Discover how recycled water is delivered and can be used around your property.

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Rainwater and greywater

Discover how to use alternative water around your home.

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Stormwater harvesting

Greater Western Water is leading the way in developing stormwater harvesting projects across our service area. What is stormwater harvesting?

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