Saving Water

We are committed to water efficiency and appreciate our customers’ efforts to use water wisely.

Target 155

Target 155 is a voluntary water efficiency program to encourage metropolitan Melbourne householders to limit their consumption to 155 litres per person per day.

Victorian households currently use an average of 161 litres per day per person. For weekly rainfall, water storage levels and daily use per person data, visit Melbourne Water's website.

This campaign was first instigated in the millennium drought. Melburnians responded magnificently to the campaign, and reduced water use by 20% per person since 2005.

The program was reactivated by Minster for Environment, Climate Change and Water, Lisa Neville on 6 March 2016.

We live in a dry climate and need to continue to use water wisely.

Target 155 includes following Melbourne’s permanent water use rules.

More information can be found on the DELWP website.

Find out how you can save water and contribute towards Target 155 by visiting following pages:

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