Our Community

City West Water is committed to building better and stronger relationships with our community.

By engaging with our customers, community and stakeholders we can play an active role in understanding and supporting their needs and in turn deliver programs that allow us to provide education around water conservation and our services.

By developing relationships and creating goodwill with our customers, community and stakeholders we are able to use these relationships to assess our standing amongst these groups as well as being able to ask for assistance in delivering specific programs to a diverse range of customers in the manner they require.

We have a range of programs, strategies and policies to support our community objectives, including:


This policy outlines how we seek to meet our responsibilities for residential customers experiencing financial hardship.

Social Policy

City West Water’s vision is to be a truly sustainable water business. For us, sustainability means balancing our social, environmental and economic responsibilities. Our Social Policy outlines how we seek to meet our social responsibilities and reflects our aspiration to lead by example in enhancing the cohesiveness of our community.


This policy outlines how we seek to meet our social responsibilities.

Disability Policy and Action Plan

The Disability Policy recognises our obligations to stakeholders including our employees, our customers and our community. Our Disability Action Plan is a structured opportunity to further enhance our positive community, customer and employee interactions. We will apply our core values to progressively and practically remove barriers for people with disabilities to participate equally with and within our business.


We are committed to reducing barriers for people with a disability to access our services, facilities and employment.

Community Accord

The Community Accord which we signed with the Victorian Multicultural Commission in 2009 formalises our commitment to doing everything within reason to reach our culturally diverse customer community. It ensures, among other things, respect of all ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic communities, and helps to promote respect of diversity amongst our staff and our community.


The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is about organisations from every sector turning good intentions into real actions and rising to the challenge of reconciling Australia.


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