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City West Water

New Customer Charter launched

From January 2019, new City West Water customers will receive a special insert with their first water bill: a summary of the Customer Charter 2018-2023. It’s an important guide to the level of service customers can expect from City West Water.

Updated every five years, the Customer Charter outlines customers’ rights and responsibilities and City West Water’s commitments to provide safe and reliable water, sewerage, and trade waste services, as well as recycled water services where available. It specifies service commitments, guaranteed service levels and what customers are entitled to if City West Water is unable to meet those commitments.

Ms. Fran Duiker, General Manager Customers and Community, said to City West Water’s customers, ‘When you get your first bill from us, look out for the Customer Charter Summary. What’s contained in the summary is important and has been carefully agreed to by City West Water and the Essential Services Commission, the independent Victorian water sector regulator.’

The Customer Charters focus on the needs of three specific groups of customers: residential; trade waste and business; and non-residential customers. Developed after the launch of the Customer First Strategy, each Customer Charter has been shaped by City West Water’s renewed commitment to customers.

Ms. Duiker added, ‘The Customer Charter contains valuable information about our hardship, vulnerability and family violence provisions. These are an important offer to those in our community in need or facing difficult circumstances.
‘There is always a tendency to put something like this aside, into a drawer or on the reading pile. I hope our Customer Charter makes it to the top of your reading pile.’

City West Water’s Customers First Strategy, the three Customer Charters and the Customer Charter Summary here and can be downloaded, printed or viewed on screen.

Customers who would like to access this information in another language or some other accessible form should contact City West Water on 131 691 or call free translation services on (03) 9313 8989.