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City West Water

Media Release: Outages Map Live!

A new interactive map on the City West Water website shows customers reported Faults and Outages as well as areas where service has been recently restored.

The Faults and Outages map can be found at and looks like this:


‘Our customers told us they wanted easy access to our information and services. We're excited to let you know that our Outage Map is now live, so customers can quickly and easily see faults and outages across our service area online’ says Fran Duiker, General Manager Customers and Community.

The Outage Map is a simple, accessible way to understand where water or sewer services are disrupted and when services are restored. It is also part of City West Water’s greater plan to enhance its digital services for customers.

Reported Faults and Outages appear on the map as red dots. Green dots represent service faults which have recently been restored.

‘To be able to see Faults and Outage on a map makes it really easy to spot where City West Water is working to fix an issue or improve service. It’s puts customers first, so that you can immediately see where we’re working or if you need to report a problem,’ says Fran Duiker.

‘It can also reduce the need for customers to call and report a fault, because they can see if it’s already been reported and how we’re responding to it.’

News of the map has caused a storm on City West Water’s social media and we’re encouraging councils and community groups to share news of the map. It’s a great way to report faults or see if a fault is being attended to in your street or suburb.