M205 Community Projects

City West Water has committed to delivering value to our customers through a community project, that will enhance the liveability of the area.

These projects will provide community liveability improvements that will delivered within the project area, as a way for us to thank the community for their patience while we complete our works.

Background to the projects

The community projects  are guided by the following:

  •  Involve community liveability improvements that will delivered within the timeframe of the M205 project
  •  Be delivered within the M205 project area
  • Have an allocated amount that will be proportioned between the two council areas, which the proposed alignment crosses (City of Yarra and Melbourne City Council)

The process

In determining how we make a community contribution we have worked with customers, community and councils to help identify community needs. The Community Reference Group has played an integral role in shaping the direction the community projects.

The projects

The projects are focused on improvements to urban greening, urban design and access to water.

Projects within the City of Yarra include:

  • Footpath trees on Canning Street (Park to Princes streets)
  • Footpath and roadside trees on Drummond Street (Richardson to Princes streets)
  • Bike hoops near Gowrie Victoria Carlton Nth and Nth Carlton Children’s Centre
  • Drinking fountain (located at Capital City Trail)

Projects within the City of Melbourne include:

  • Neill Street Reserve: urban design improvements, bike hoops, plantings and water station
  • Palmerston Street Park water fountain and bike hoops
  • Barkly Street roundabout landscape additions

Further information

Contact our project number on 1300 105 041 or email M205@citywestwater.com.au

How have the community projects been chosen?

The community projects have been identified through the following process.

  • Engaging with Council to identify and prioritise projects that can be considered.
  • Engaging with the project Community Reference Group as a consultative mechanism that will provide the group an opportunity to review a short list of projects and suggest projects to be considered.
  • Engaging with broader community in the project area to provide an opportunity to  contribute their suggestions
  • Engaging with key stakeholders to ensure a high level of understanding and support for the projects.

When will the projects be delivered?

We are working with the City of Melbourne and City of Yarra to deliver the projects before the completion of the M205 project.

How will you notify the community what the projects are?

We will update our project page website, social media, send an email to the project email list and drop a notification in the letterboxes on Canning Street.

How can I be kept informed about the community projects?

To keep up to date with construction and the community projects, Sign up for the project email updates.