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City West Water

Is Your Detergent a Top Performer?

City West Water, Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and Melbourne Water have partnered with CHOICE to run a study of Australia’s top performing laundry detergents.

The CHOICE review assessed 115 products and ranked these according to a number of factors including cost per wash, how well they wash, greywater suitability and overall performance.

The results reveal how customers can:

  • Get a great wash
  • Safely use the greywater from their washing machine occasionally on the garden
  • Reduce the amount of harmful salts entering the sewerage system to assist with water recycling  from sewage treatment plants  

City West Water’s Acting General Manager Customers and Community, Amanda Smith said the study was really important in assisting customers in making the right choice for both their hip pockets and the environment.

“There’s more to choosing a laundry detergent than you might first think. Detergent amounts to at least half the running cost of your washing machine, and when you factor in performance and impact on the environment, it pays to pick the right one.

“High concentrations of ingredients such as salts can make it hard for wastewater to be recycled from our treatment plants.

“By choosing an environmentally friendly laundry detergent, customers can make a big difference to the viability and cost of treating water so that it can be recycled.

“Another great tip is to swap powder detergents to liquid concentrates. Liquid concentrates contain less salt than powders, making them less harmful without compromising on washability,” said Ms Smith.

It was also noted that reducing detergent dosage is also another way to reduce our impact on the environment.

According to Ms Smith, in previous testing performed by CHOICE, some detergents tested almost as well at half dosage as they did at full dosage.

“Try your favourite detergent at a lower dosage and see if you are happy with the result,” said Ms Smith.

After a detailed assessment of 115 products, the results are in, and they’re freely available for customers to access.

Visit CHOICE website for results and helpful buying guide.