Collaboration leads to First Nations artwork on public display

A collaboration between City West Water and First Nations artists has turned plain, and often graffitied, electrical cabinets into beautiful pieces of public art.

Three First Nations artists from SALT Studio have used the electrical cabinets to share their culture and stories with the wider community through art.

All the electrical cabinets feature a Water Warrior who is used to highlight important themes in First Nations culture - water, trees, ceremony, community and totem.

For First Nations people, the sharing of culture and lore is traditionally passed on through song, dance, art and creation stories.

City West Water is committed to ensuring that First Nations cultural heritage is respected, acknowledged and preserved, and sharing this knowledge with our community.

The artwork can be seen on electrical cabinets located in Essendon, Yarraville, Footscray, Sunshine and Clifton Hill and will remain on display indefinitely.

Further information on the artwork can be found by visit, First nations artwork project 2019 page.

Electrical cabinets

IMAGE: Electrical cabinet in Footscray showcasing the importance of water as a sacred being that is held in First Nation lore to protect and never harm.