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City West Water

Launch of New Health and Safety Policy

To celebrate Health and Safety month, City West Water has recently published its new Health and Safety Policy and internal Annual Health and Safety Plan 2017-18 which reflects and builds upon the organisation’s aspiration to become an industry leader in safety culture.

Chief Financial Officer, Michael Wootten, has said that the new policy provides the organisation with a framework for strengthening a culture where staff live and breathe safety, and builds upon City West Water’s strong safety performance in the past financial year.

“City West Water is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for people - employees, contractors, customers and the community.

“As outlined in our Policy, our strategic objective is to create an environment where people make good choices, one where we ‘live and breathe’ safety and wellbeing for our people.

“We have already seen some fantastic results in the past financial year including a reduction in Lost Time Injuries by 60 per cent and an increase in the number of hazards proactively reported by staff by 180 per cent. 

“These are fantastic achievements, and each highlight the willingness of our employees to play a part in committing to safe practices and driving safety culture within their teams,” said Mr Wootten.

The Annual Health and Safety Plan 2017/18 launched this week reiterates the responsibility that management has across the organisation to implement health and safety leadership initiatives within their teams.

“Our Annual Health and Safety plan highlights our dedication to continual improvement of our approach to safety, as well as our outcomes as an organisation.

“Throughout the month of October, City West Water will also be encouraging all staff to lead innovative and impactful safety activities within their teams that are above and beyond business as usual safety focus areas.

“These are activities can be focussed on improving awareness and approaches to workplace safety, wellbeing and/or home safety,” said Mr Wootten.

View the City West Water Health and Safety Policy here.