Buying or selling a property

Congratulations, you've purchased or sold a property. What are your next steps?

If you sell a property in our service area, your solicitor or conveyancer will notify us that the property sale has taken place. We will use the details provided to set up or close the accounts of the new owner and seller.

When a new residential account is created, tenants and owner-occupiers will receive their bills via email (see eBilling Terms and Conditions). You can switch back to paper bills any time.


Conveyancers or solicitors can send notices of disposition (sold property) or notices of acquisition (bought property) via:

When a property is sold or transferred, any outstanding charges are incurred by the purchaser.

Buyers and sellers can request a Property Information Statement to discover what remaining charges are listed to the property, details of rates and any Greater Western Water assets are located on the property.

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