Moving out of my property

You’re moving? Great, but before you pack up the truck here are a few things you need to do.

Property owners

As property owner, your conveyancer or solicitor will alert us to the change of ownership at the property.

It is usually a good idea to give us a call a few days before the settlement to check that we have been notified.

View Selling a property for more information.


As a tenant, before you move out of a rental property you need to let us know.

It’s best to give us at least two business days’ notice before your moving date, so we can arrange for a final water meter read and close your account. This will mean you are not charged for any water usage after you have left the property.

View Change of tenancy for more information.

Woman packing a moving box.

Calculating your final bill

When you let us know you are moving out of the property we will take a final read of your water meter.

Your final bill is calculated based upon this reading. You will receive the final bill approximately 10 days after the final meter read is taken, which can be paid via the details listed on the bill or on our Pay Now page.

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