Get my water connected

Property owner, we can help you get connected.

Did you know that if you are buying or moving into a property in our service area, you don't need to let us know?

Unlike other utilities water is always turned on at your property. When the previous occupant moves out of a property we take a final water meter read and close their account. This means that when you move in we can set up your new account as soon as we are informed.

How is City West Water advised on my move in date?

Home owners

If you have bought a property your solicitor or conveyancer will contact us about the change of ownership. We will take steps to open your account, meaning you can sit back and wait for your first bill to arrive.

Man and woman opening a moving box.

New tenants

Real estate agents offer new tenants a connection service when you sign your rental agreement.

We are contacted by the connection company with your move in date so we can  create or transfer your current account to your new address.

If you wish to set up your own account simply let your real estate agent know.

Real estate agents, please complete and return a tenancy form which can be found on our Changing Tenants page.

Receiving your bill

We’ll send you a current water bill each quarter. Your first bill will arrive three months after you move into your new home.

If you would like to know more about billing and how to read or pay your bill please visit our Common Billing Questions page.

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