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Tenancy moving in/out

Are you moving in or out of a rental property? Find out what you need to do.


If you are a tenant moving out of your rental property you need to let us know that you are moving. Simply complete a Disconnecting Your Water Service form and email it to

To ensure you are only charged for the water you use while at the property, contact us at least two days before your move to make sure that an accurate meter reading can be taken.

Please note that meters are only read Monday to Friday and you must allow enough time for us to visit the property to conduct the read.

Two women unpacking moving boxes.

Moving in? Your landlord or real estate agent will let us know that a change of tenancy has taken place by filling the Change of Tenancy form and emailing it to

When you rent a property with its own water meter, you are responsible for paying the water usage and sewage disposal charges. These are the common charges for the water that you use while living at the property.

Landlords or property managers

Landlords, owners and real estate agents managing residential properties (that are separately metered) are required to let us know that a tenant is moving into the property.

Should your managing authority form not be submitted along with the change of tenancy, your request will not be processed. If the details of the new tenant are not provided then the landlord/owner will be billed for water usage and sewerage disposal charges. 

To let us know about a new tenant complete a Change of Tenancy form and email it to

Change of tenancy FAQs

If you receive a City West Water bill in someone else's name, please contact us on 131 691 to ensure that we have your correct details.
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