Enquiries and complaints

We work to resolve all enquiries, complaints and other matters as fast and positively as possible.

If you have a complaint or wish to dispute a matter, our aim is to achieve a fast and positive resolution and we will communicate with you to satisfy your concerns where possible. We need your feedback on our services in order to achieve continuous improvement.

Send through your enquiry or complaint via our contact us page.

As a minimum, we will ensure the following:

  • We take no more than 10 business days to respond to an enquiry or complaint if a written reply is requested.
  • Our reply to your enquiry or complaint will deal with the substance of the enquiry or complaint, or we will inform you when you will receive a reply if the enquiry or complaint is complex.
  • That we provide the reasons for our decision, including details of the legislative or policy basis if appropriate.
  • That where possible we will seek customer feedback on our complaint resolution processes in order to continuously improve on those.


How We Respond to Complaints

If you have been unhappy with our response to your enquiry or complaint, you will be provided with the opportunity to have the complaint reviewed by a senior manager.

Following this, if you are still not satisfied with our response, we will provide you with information about referring the matter to the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV) and any other relevant external dispute resolution forums.

We do not attempt to recover money in dispute until the dispute has been resolved. We consider a complaint resolved when the following has been addressed:

  • We have informed you of the decision on the complaint or any internal review of the complaint.
  • Ten business days have passed since informing you of the decision and you have not sought a further review or lodged a claim with the EWOV or another external dispute resolution forum.

If you do lodge a claim with the EWOV or another external dispute resolution forum, we will not consider the dispute resolved until the claim has been finalised in that forum.

You can contact EWOV on freecall 1800 500 509.

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