Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

Paying your water bill by Direct Debit gives you peace of mind that your water bills are taken care of and paid on time.

You can arrange for the amount to be debited in full on a quarterly basis. Alternatively, you can arrange to have an amount debited on a fortnightly, weekly or monthly basis.

Please contact us on 131 691 to set up an arrangement. You are required to nominate your bank, credit union or building society’s cheque or savings account. Payment of your water bill will then be debited automatically according to the arrangement you have made.


You can choose to pay your bill in future (every quarter when it’s due), or arrange with us to have an amount debited on a fortnightly, weekly or monthly basis (on a date that suits you and your lifestyle).

How secure is it?

We take every measure to ensure that your personal and banking details are kept confidential and are treated in accordance with the governments’ privacy legislation and the Australia Payments Clearing Association.

What now?

You can arrange for the amount to be debited in full on a quarterly basis by filling out the Direct Debit Request.

Alternatively, you can contact one of our friendly customer service representatives on 131 691 to have them calculate a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment amount for you.

If you are unsure how to complete the Direct Debit Request you can also contact your financial institution and confirm how to complete the request.

Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

City West Water will send a customer’s account for the provision of water and sewerage services to the customer on a quarterly basis as normal.

The Direct Debit payment will be processed on the due date shown on the customer’s account or for customers who have entered into a payment arrangement; debits will be processed on the agreed dates.

City West Water will not alter the frequency of Direct Debit payments without first consulting the customer and seeking prior approval. Any changes by City West Water will require 14 days’ notice in writing.

  • This agreement sets out the responsibilities and obligations between City West Water (DE user ID: 044592) ABN 70066902467 and its customers through Bulk Electronic Clearing System.
  • In the event that a debit drawing is disputed, the customer should contact City West Water as the first point of contact. City West Water will respond to the dispute within seven working days of the customer contact.
  • The Direct Debit through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System may not be available on all accounts. Customers should contact their bank if they are unsure about their account type or other information, such as account number or what a bank’s “BSB” number is. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide any new bank account details.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available in the nominated account at the time of payment. In the event that there are insufficient funds, a customer must contact City West Water at least four working days from the payment date to request the cancellation, alteration or deferral of a payment. Additional fees may be applicable if the direct debit payment is dishonoured by your financial institution. A further fee may also be charged to your City West Water account in the case of a dishonoured direct debit payment.
  • In the event that a payment is due on a non-business day or a public holiday, City West Water will defer the processing of Direct Debits until the next business day, if unsure when this will occur, please contact your financial institution. Please ensure that sufficient funds are available, should this occur.
  • If at any time the Direct Debit arrangement no longer suits a customer’s needs, a customer can withdraw from the service by contacting City West Water on 131 691. Customers may also withdraw in writing giving at least 14 days’ notice.
  • It is the responsibility of City West Water customers to advise if their nominated account is transferred or closed.
  • If you have a dispute or claim regarding your direct debit, you can contact City West Water or your own financial institution to seek a resolution.
  • City West Water will, on request from a customer’s bank, provide information in connection with a claim made on it relating to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debt.
  • It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that the Information provided to City West Water identically matches the information held by your Financial Institution. Please check account details are correct by checking them against a recent account statement.
  • If a customer has more than one account with City West Water which have the same due dates, a composite total will be reflected on their bank statement, not a single entry for each payment.
  • City West Water reserves the right to cancel a Direct Debit Plan through a bank account, if three subsequent drawings are dishonoured on a fortnightly or weekly payment arrangement. City West Water reserves the right to cancel the Direct Debit Plan through a bank account if one payment is dishonoured on a monthly instalment plan.
  • City West Water reserves the right to cancel a credit card instalment plan if one payment is dishonoured.
  • Privacy and security

We will keep the personal details you have provided on this form strictly confidential and for City West Water’s purpose of establishing and maintaining your direct debit arrangement. Only information necessary for establishment of direct debit will be shared with your nominated financial institution. The information may also be used for billing and other administrative purposes by City West Water and for marketing of City West Water products and services unless you do not want to receive such material.