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City West Water

Financial Support Application

Lodgement of an application acknowledges acceptance of our guidelines and requirements.

As we receive numerous applications for financial support we may not always be able to grant approval to all applications, even all those which meet the published guidelines.

Acceptance of financial support acknowledges that applicants must supply an evaluation of the event/support within 30 days of the event. The applicant also agrees to participate in an external review of City West Water's support within three months of the event. Lodgement of this application acknowledges that the agreement between the two parties is for the period of the event.

Support in one year or at one event does not guarantee on-going support for future events.

Please note that applications for sponsorship requests have closed for this financial year. Applications will reopen 1 July, 2019. For more information please contact

Application Framework

This information contains guidelines for organisations who want to participate in City West Water's Community Investment Program.

City West Water provides services to Melbourne's CBD and inner and western suburbs, and will consider applications for limited financial support at corporate, commercial and local community levels within our licence area.

City West Water sees community investment opportunities as a way to build relationships with our many stakeholders.

As City West Water receives numerous support requests for the limited funds available, we may not always be able to approve applications which meet the published guidelines. These guidelines have been developed to ensure our sponsorships provide value for money, value to our community and enhance our reputation and image.

City West Water does not seek out sponsorship for its programs, but encourages organisations to apply for funding and in-kind support which is available.

If your organisation has an event or program which has water, or a water conservation focus, and can offer a positive association with our business, we'd be delighted to consider your application.

Our Criteria

Before your application for assistance can be considered the event or program must meet one or more of the following criteria.

  • Does the activity/event occur within City West Water's licence area?
  • Is there a focus on water and/or water conservation?
  • Does the organisation or event reflect City West Water's values?
  • Does the organisation or event provide avenues to promote our key messages and programs?
  • Does the activity/event benefit the community in City West Water's licence area?

All applications shall be reviewed according to our criteria and social strategy principles, and a response will be provided within three weeks of receipt of the application.

What We Do Not Support

City West Water does not generally support the following types of requests:

  • unincorporated groups or bodies which do not have an Australian Business Number
  • events intended to provide profit or gain
  • delivery or replacement of core government services
  • donations for funding teams or individuals for charity
  • retrospective funding or budget deficits
  • beauty contests/pageants, events that involve gambling, exploit animals or promoto tobacco or alcohol
  • events that discriminate adversely against any persons, organisations or groups, or that are for individuals or political parties
  • events that have limited audience appeal or organisations that do not function for the wider benefit of the community
  • events which conflict with Government Policy or objectives
  • where the support is passed onto a third party in the form of a sponsorship or grant. City West Water's support is for the exclusive use of the applicant.
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