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Community Sponsorship Application

Submit your Community sponsorship application form online.

Community sponsorship application - terms & conditions

Please note, applications open in 1 – 31 October for sponsorship requests for December to June, and applications open in 1 – 30 April for sponsorship requests for July to November.

Terms and conditions

  • You must complete all sections of the Sponsorship Application Form before it can be assessed.
  • We must receive your application by the due date.
  • Once you apply this means you automatically agree to City West Water's Terms of Conduct.
  • We may reject a sponsorship application if it doesn't meet our requirements. For example:
    • If your event is intending to provide profit or gain.
    • If your event replaces a core government service.
    • If your organisation does not have an Australian Business Number.
    • If your event relates to beauty contests/pageants, gambling, exploits animals, promotes tobacco or alcohol. 
    • If your event discriminates adversely against a person/s, organisation/s or group/s, or is for an individual's or political party's gain.
    • Where the support is passed to a third party in the form of a sponsorship or grant.
  • Accepting a City West Water sponsorship means you or your organisation agrees to complete an evaluation (provided by us) 30 days after your event.
  • Accepting a City West Water sponsorship means your organisation agrees to participate in an external review of City West Water’s support within three months of the event.
  • Lodging an application acknowledges that the agreement between City West Water and your organisation is only for the period of the event and does not guarantee ongoing support for the future.
  • Sponsorship can't be promoted as a general endorsement by either City West Water or the Victorian Government.
Please tell us what you think.
If you require a response, please Contact us.

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