I'm new to Melbourne

Welcome! It’s great to have you as a City West Water customer.

We get lots of questions from customers who have moved to Melbourne from other countries or are new to living in the west. To help you understand what we do and how we can help you please have a look at some of the common questions below.

Child drinking waterCan I drink the water?

Yes! Melbourne has some of the best quality water in the whole world. The water that comes from your tap at home or community fountains is of the highest quality and safe to drink. You can even fill your own water bottles and carry this water with you.



I need a translation service

We offer all of our customers translation services, please call the numbers on our contact us page to speak to someone in a language other then English.

Do I have to pay for my water?Water from tap

Yes. Because we have some of the best drinking water in the entire world, there is a cost involved in delivering it straight to your taps.

The good news is that the cost of our water is much less than buying bottled water and we think it tastes better too!

We send all of our customers a water bill every three months which includes your water usage and how to pay your bill. If you need more information on billing please visit our how to read your bill and common billing questions pages.


Customer service centre

I need help, who do I call?

You can call or email us with your issue and if you need translation services please call the numbers on our contact us page.

Please tell us what you think.
If you require a response, please Contact us.

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