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If you are new to Melbourne receiving a water bill for the first time it can be confusing. If you are a new customer and would like more information about CWW and your bill please visit our billing pages.

Please note: the following video and PDF resources below were developed by City West Water before we joined with Western Water to become Greater Western Water. Stay tuned while we develop a new education program for Greater Western Water for 2022.


Using water around your home

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"City West Water is one of three Victorian"

City West Water logo.

MUSIC starts.

    "Government owned retail water businesses in metropolitan Melbourne."

    "We provide water sewerage trade waste and where available recycled water services to more than 1 million residents and 40,000 businesses"

    "in Melbourne's central business district and inner and western suburbs."

    "We supply around 100 billion litres of drinking water to customers."

    "Every day you use water at home. On average twenty-six percent of our water usage is in the shower."

    "Twenty per cent in the laundry; fifteen per cent in the toilet and garden; seven per cent in the bathroom and five per cent in the kitchen and for evaporative cooling."

    "In addition seven per cent of our water usage is as a result of leaks."

    "Leaks can become a major problem so contact City West Water for information on how to identify and fix leaks ."

    "Water is a precious resource so using it efficiently is an important way of saving water."

    "A good target to try to achieve is to use less than 155 litres of water per person per day."

    "To see if your household is achieving this goal each water bill comes with a handy section for calculating usage per person."

    "The average daily water use section on your bill will already be completed. Look for the number of people in your household to get the average daily use per person."

    "If you're not already meeting this target there's all kinds of ways to help you reduce this usage."

    "In the bathroom did you know a running tap can use 16 liters of water per minute?"

    "Turning off the tap when you're brushing your teeth can save 335 litres per month."

    "Installing a water-saving showerheads and shortening your shower to less than four minutes can also reduce your daily usage."

    "For the toilet use the half flush as often as possible and remember the toilet isn't a rubbish bin so never flush baby wipes, nappies, sanitary products or face wipes."

    "These items can cause costly blockages and if they occur in your house you will have to pay for it."

    "When in the kitchen you can save water by washing your vegetables in a plug sink rather than under running water ."

    "Dishwashers can use less water than washing by hand in the sink. You don't even need to pre-rinse your dishes,"

    "just scrape excess food into the bin and turn on your dishwasher when it is full"

    "Items such as oils and food scraps should never be washed down the sink."

    "These two can cause blockages. In all of your rooms. even a slow dripping tap can waste up to 20,000 litres of water in a year."

    "If purchasing appliances by the most energy and water efficient models you can afford remember that these"

    "appliances can use the same amount of energy and water if they are only half full so try to fill them before each use. By choosing a detergent with a gray smart rating."

    "You can get a great wash and safely use the washing water on your garden."

    "There's lots of opportunities to save water outside of the house. A bucket is handy for washing your windows and you"

    "should always use a broom on pathways, driveways or other hard surfaces."

    "Watering your garden and morning or evening reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation."

Map of City West Water's service area

    "Don't forget to check the weather forecast you may not need to water at all."

    "Outdoor leaks can often go unnoticed. Check taps regularly to avoid getting a shock in your next bill."

    "Don't forget your usage may go up or down as your water use changes with the seasons."

    "City West water is proud to supply high quality water to our customers and community. Making sure we use water efficiently at home, at work and in the community"

    "is essential to help secure this valuable resource for future generations."


    "Visit City West water dot com dot au for further information on how you can use water efficiently around the home and for initiatives we have in place to help households."


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