Educational resources

Is your classroom curious about water? We have a range of resources to suit every student.

It’s no surprise that we love talking about water, there is so much to learn! To help you educate, inform and advocate we offer a range of educational resources to schools in our service area.

Our education resources are tailored both primary and secondary schools, as well as a specially created program for English as an additional language schools in the community.

All of our educational programs centre on the importance of valuing water as a resource, ways that water can be saved around the home and how we manage water and sewerage.

student drinking from fountainClassroom incursions

We offer classroom incursions all throughout the school year. Our water expert will bring a wealth of knowledge and a bag full of goodies to actively engage your students.

To book an instructive and fun classroom incursion simply download and complete the incursion/resource booking form below and email it to



DIY presentations - borrow our resourcesincursion

Can’t seem to lock a date that suits everyone? Or perhaps you just want to put your own spin on one of our activities?

Our DIY presentations are just the ticket. We have packed everything you need into a suitcase so you can run the activity yourself.

You can borrow the activities for up to two weeks and we will even arrange delivery. For a complete list of available incursions and DIY presentations, download and complete the incursion/ resource booking form and email it to

Need some EAL resources?

Here at City West water we offer a range of education resources for English as an additional language customers. Visit our EAL page for more!

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The Water-Lili - Downloadable PDF classroom worksheets

Our education resource incorporating water across the curriculum a breeze. Printable worksheets and graphic organisers support a wide variety of activities across each subject area.

These resources have been designed with flexibility in mind allowing educators the opportunity to pick and choose which activities will suit the needs of their students. There are three volumes in the series which you can download below

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