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Are you curious about water? Where it comes from and how it gets to your house?

Water is a precious resource which we all enjoy. Here at Greater Western Water we love sharing our knowledge of all things water with both the next generation of water users and anyone who will listen.

If your classroom, community or friends are interested in learning more about our water and where it comes from, visit our education resources for learning resources and videos for your classroom.

Please note: this video was developed by City West Water before we joined with Western Water to become Greater Western Water. Stay tuned while we develop a new education program for Greater Western Water for 2022.


Where your water comes from

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    "City West Water is one of three Victorian Government owned retail water businesses in metropolitan Melbourne."

    "We provide drinking water, sewage, trade waste and recycled water services to almost 400,000 customers"

    "in Melbourne's central business district, inner and western suburbs."

    "Most of Melbourne's water is captured in protected catchment areas. This water is from rainfall groundwater, rivers and streams."

    "Small amounts of chlorine and fluoride are added to kill germs and prevent tooth decay."

    "Water samples are tested for quality and then water travels through pipes to your house."

    "You can drink water straight from the tap and there's no need to boil water before you drink it."

    "You can also use water directly from the tap when preparing food."

    "Don't forget to fill your bottle from the tap at home to take with you and when you're out and about choose tap."

    "You don't need to buy bottled water. It's costly, impacts the environment and is wasteful."

    "If you see out drinking fountain at an event grab a drink or fill your water bottle. Remember, you can drink water straight from the tap."

    "Over seventy per cent of our body is made up of water, so stay hydrated, be smart and Choose Tap."

Text on screen: citywestwater.com.au

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