Choose Tap

We are here to help make choosing tap easy.

We are helping our customers enjoy a healthy, environmentally friendly and low-cost community lifestyle through the Choose Tap program.

Choose Tap benefits customers in all walks of life and is playing a valuable role in community sport, local festivals, education, parks and gardens, health sector, business sector and cafes and restaurants.


Did you know

  • Melbourne has some of the highest quality drinking water in the world.
  • Tap water is about 2,000 times cheaper per litre than bottled water.
  • 50% of plastic bottles end up as landfill or litter.


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Let Choose Tap choose you!

Applications are now closed for our Choose Tap sponsorship program.

Follow us on Facebook and be the first to know when the next round is open. The sponsorship program offers local schools, clubs and community organisations the opportunity to apply for Choose Tap drink bottles or a Choose Tap refill station.




Find tap water wherever you need it

Use the map to choose from over 8000 locations that are offering free tap water. Download the Choose Tap app on your Android or iOS device.

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