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City West Water

Water carting

Discover the requirements to legally draw water from our hydrants and fireplugs.

With a valid permit authorised water carting businesses and emergency services can draw water from our hydrants and fireplugs.

Permits are issued on the condition that each operator is adequately trained and their vehicles incorporate the required backflow prevention measures.

All vehicles included in the permit must, at a minimum, annually undergo and pass a backflow audit.

In order to legally draw water from City West Water hydrants and fireplugs, you must hold a valid permit and carry a hydrant user card. Permits must be visible on your authorised vehicle at all times.

Applying for a permit

If you would like to apply for a permit to access City West Water hydrants, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Watch the following Hydrant Training with City West Water video.
  2. Read the Hydrant information booklet.
  3. Complete the Hydrant Permit User Card questionnaire.
  4. Engage a licensed plumber who is accredited in backflow prevention to audit your truck/tanker.
  5. Check there is an appropriate backflow prevention device (air-gap or Reduced Pressure Zone Device RPZD) on your vehicle and have a licensed plumber complete a Backflow Inspection & Maintenance Report.
  6. Complete the Hydrant Permit and Agreement application.


Hydrant Training with City West Water

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