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Trade waste charges explained

Trade waste charges apply to customers who hold a trade waste consent or agreement.

Trade waste charges cover the cost of:

  • transporting
  • monitoring
  • managing
  • administrating
  • treating liquid waste generated by businesses.

All occupants who discharge trade waste to sewer must hold a Trade Waste Consent or Agreement. Trade waste charges also apply to customers who hold a Trade Waste Consent. See the Trade Waste  Consent section of our Trade Waste Customer Charter for more information.

If you don’t have a Trade Waste Agreement, or are not aren’t sure whether you need one, contact our experienced trade waste team at

Quarterly trade waste charges

Our quarterly trade waste charges cover the costs of administering and monitoring trade waste agreements and consents.

Higher risk customers pay a higher fixed charge than low risk customers as they require an increased level of monitoring and administration.

For some customers this trade waste charge may be billed monthly.

Other trade waste charges

When a Trade Waste Agreement is prepared a customer is charged a one-off fee to cover the cost of processing the application. More complex applications take more time to process and the fees may be higher.

Depending on the size of your business you may also need to pay trade waste charges that relate to the:

  • transport of your trade waste through our sewerage system
  • treatment of trade waste at the waste water treatment plant

The size of these charges depends on how much trade waste is being discharged to the sewerage system and what is the trade waste.

Customers who receive these charges are advised how they will be applied to them when they enter into a Trade Waste Agreement or Trade Waste  Owner's Consent with us.


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