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Industrial or commercial businesses

Trade waste agreements for commercial and industrial businesses.

If you are an commercial or industrial business customer that discharges wastewater to the sewer, you will need a trade waste agreement with us. A trade waste agreement contains the terms and conditions under which trade waste will be accepted.

Examples of industrial customers are meat processing plants, food manufacturers, metal finishes, car washes, hospitals, laundries and chemical plants.


Trade waste for Industrial or commercial businesses

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Industrial businesses requirements

To ensure wastewater from industrial businesses do not have an unacceptable impact on the sewer system agreements issued to these customers may include some, or all of, the following requirements:

  • The installation and maintenance of trade waste treatment apparatus to pre-treat your wastewater before it is discharged.
  • The installation and maintenance of trade waste monitoring equipment (e.g. flow measurement, pH and temperature devices).
  • Restrictions on the rate at which trade waste can be discharged to City West Water’s sewer.
  • Sampling, that the trade waste agreement holder must arrange, to confirm both compliance with trade waste acceptance standards and determine trade waste charges.
  • The preparation of a Risk Assessment to demonstrate the risks posed by the trade waste discharge have been considered and are appropriately managed.

Commercial businesses requirements

Commercial business activities can also pose risks to the sewer system, such activities and contaminants include:

  • Cooling towers, which get treated with biocides, can affect treatment plant functions.
  • Lint from and elevated temperatures from laundromats can cause sewer blockages and increase sewer gas generation.
  • Petrol, oil and other organic liquids from car and truck washes and mechanical workshops can create a flammable environment in the sewer if not appropriately managed.
  • Volatile solvents from laboratories and mechanical workshops can present an inhalation risk to sewer workers.

We work with commercial trade waste applicants to ensure the risks they pose to the sewer system are appropriately managed before issuing an agreement. Agreements may also contain ongoing requirements to ensure risks continue to be managed throughout the agreement term.

How to apply

To set up a new trade waste agreement please download and complete the application for trade waste agreement. Once we have received your completed application we will contact you within 10 business days to discuss your application and any further requirement.

Please note that charges apply to all applications lodged with us, for pricing information see our pricing handbook.

Advice and support

Our team is here to provide you with advice and support with any of your trade waste issues. Please contact us by phone on 9313 8366, complete our online contact form or email us at

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