Food businesses

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If your business falls into one of the following categories, you must hold a Trade Waste Consent with Greater Western Water.

  • bakeries
  • retail butchers and delicatessens
  • restaurants, cafeterias and canteens
  • schools
  • cafes
  • function centres
  • supermarkets
  • fast food and takeaway shops
  • caterers
  • ice cream shops
  • commercial kitchens.

If your business does not fall in to one of these categories, visit our Industrial businesses page.


Please note: The following Trade Waste Consent application applies to properties previously serviced by City West Water only. To check if this application is relevant to your property or business, go to and enter your postcode. You can also contact us on 13 44 99.


Food business Trade Waste Consent application

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Once we have received your completed application, we will assess and contact you within 10 business days prior to issuing your trade waste consent. Please note that charges apply to all applications lodged with us. View our Trade waste charges explained page.

Why do you need a Trade Waste Consent?

Wastewater from food preparation, cooking and cleaning contains fats, oils and other solid particles (greasy waste) which can cause sewer blockages on your property and within our sewerage system if not managed appropriately.

To prevent blockages occurring, food preparation businesses and institutions need to hold a Trade Waste Consent with us. Trade Waste Consents contain conditions under which your trade waste will be accepted. 

In addition, you will need an appropriately sized grease trap installed. For more information, refer to our Grease traps page.

Moving or closing your business?

Whether you are moving to a new location or closing the business for good, before you leave the premises you’ll need to close your account and cancel your Trade Waste Consent or Agreement.

For more information visit our Moving or closing your business page.


Understanding Trade Waste for food businesses

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MUSIC starts. Text on screen: Trade waste for food customers.

    "Trade waste is liquid wastewater from a commercial or industrial entity that"

    "enters the sewer system. This includes wastewater that results from any process connected with the preparation of food"

    "other than that discharged from a private residence."

    "Examples include takeaway, cafes, restaurants, schools, childcare centers and nursing homes."

    "City West water is responsible for the management and treatment of waste our customers discharge to sewer."

    "It's important to manage the process properly so we can help to keep our environment safe and the sewer system working as intended."

    "If you produce trade waste you will need a trade waste consent from City West water before you discharge any trade waste to the sewer."

    "A trade waste consent will contain the terms and conditions under which your trade waste will be accepted."

    "To obtain a trade waste consent you will first need to apply. An application form"

    "needs to be completed which requires the following information: company details and location of site from where trade waste will be discharged,"

Trade Waste Agreement form

    "the type of waste generated and the type and number of fixtures and seating which is used to determine your grease trap size."

    "When we receive the application from you we will be in touch with you to discuss your application and explain further steps."

    "We'll contact you within 10 business days after we receive your application."

    "As part of your consent you will most likely be required to have in place and maintain a grease trap."

    "You may be required to install a grease trap if your site does not have one."

    "The purpose of the grease trap is to prevent fats, oils and grease, as well as food particles from entering the sewer."

Animated graphic of greasy waste trap


    "Kitchen fixtures must be connected to the grease trap. It is your responsibility to organize the removal of the greasy waste that accumulates in your grease trap."

    "Removal must be undertaken by an EPA licensed contractor."

    "Once a consent is in place City West Water may conduct random inspections and request to see evidence that proves that you've had your grease traps pumped out."

    "Your trade waste consent will also set out the one-off and annual fees will be charged. Our trade waste fees and charges vary depending on the business activity."

    "If you think you may be a trade waste customer but do not have a consent with City West Water,"

    "or you're thinking your new business may require a consent you can contact City West water on the phone number and links on the screen."

    "And for more information on grease traps just refer to the greasy waste video link."

City West Water logo. Phone 9313 8366, Email

End of transcript.

More information and advice

Our team is here to provide you with advice and support with any of your trade waste issues. Please contact us by phone on 9313 8366, online, or email our trade waste team.

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