Small Business Rebates

Small businesses can still apply for rebates on water efficient products.

Small businesses with 50 full time equivalent or less employees are eligible to receive rebates of up to $2000 on a range of water-efficient products, including:

  • commercial glass washers
  • dishwashers
  • washing machines
  • high pressure cleaners
  • dual flush toilets.

Businesses still have until 30 September 2015 to apply for rebates for products purchased between 1 July 2012 and 30 June 2015. Download the following Small Business Application rebate form to apply.


Small Business Rebate Application Form

Living Victoria Rebate Program
Eligible Product or Service Conditions and Minimum Standards
Rainwater tanks Total capacity of rainwater tanks must be 2000 Litres or greater and connected to toilet, laundry or other business process requiring year around water use.  Rainwater tank must be designed and manufactured to Australian Standards.
Dual flush toilets Upgrade to 3 Star WELS rated or better dual flush toilet, rebate only for replacement of existing toilet(s).
Pre-rinse nozzles Upgrade to 6 L/min or less, 6 Star WELS rated, rebate for replacement of existing pre-rinse nozzle(s).
Water efficient washing machines

Domestic type – 5 Star WELS rated or better and 4 star energy rated, rebate for replacement of an existing washing machine.

Commercial/industrial type – Front load, has an inverter rather than a twin motor, rebate for replacement of an existing washing machine.

Commercial glass washers Glass washers must recycle rinse water, needs to carry a certificate of conformance or meet standards referenced in the Australian food industry.  Rebate for replacement of existing glass washer.
Water efficient dishwashers

Domestic type – 4 Star WELS rated or better, rebate for replacement of existing dishwasher.

Commercial/industrial type –  Must recycle rinse water and needs to carry a certificate of conformance or meet standards referenced in the Australian food industry, rebate for replacement of existing dishwasher.

Waterless wok stove Rebate for replacement of existing wok stove.
Commercial high pressure water cleaners High pressure cleaner must use 15 L/min or less of water.
Waterless or low flow urinals 5 Star WELS rated or better, waterless urinals are eligible, rebate for replacement or upgrade of existing urinal.
Showerheads Showerhead must be 3 Star WELS rated or better, use 9 L/min or less of water, rebate for replacement of existing showerhead(s).
Showertimers/automatic shut-off valves Must shut off showers or other water using devices at after a pre-set time.
Permanent greywater treatment systems Greywater treatment system must be EPA approved and listed on the EPA website.
Mains connected toilet flush valve For the upgrade to a flush valve to provide an equivalent to 6/3 L/flush for an existing toilet installation.
Water data loggers/check meter for water management Water data loggers or check meters to monitor the use of water within a section of the business.
Flow control devices Flow control devices to restrict flow 9 L/min or less.
Hot water recirculators Devices that return cold water to the business's water system to avoid the loss of cold water in the hot water pipes.
Pool covers with roller/reel for covering Pool covers must have a Smart Approved WaterMark, be UV stabilised and at least 400 microns in thickness and include a roller or reel to assist in covering the pool.
Automatic rainwater tank to mains water switching system A device to automatically switch from the use of rainwater from a tank to mains water when a tank is empty.
Laundry systems using ozone technology Must meet AS/NZ 4146:2000 standard for disinfection and include a fail safe shut off.
Condensate recovery systems Rebate for replacement of existing or faulty condensate recovery system equipment with water efficient system.
Hand held rinse sprays Nozzles or devices used to rinse a product or client, e.g. hairdressing, must use 9 litres a minute or less of water, rebate for replacement of existing hand held rinse spray or nozzle.
Process water reuse Must provide a Risk Assessment and meet Australian water reuse and EPA guidelines, business must consult with water supplier prior to implementing a process water reuse.
Water efficient combi steamers

Rebate for replacement of existing combi steamer with water efficient steamer.

  • Rebates are available for businesses with a current ABN that have 50 or less employees, where the business is connected to an urban reticulated water supply and is charged a non-residential/commercial tariff.

  • By purchasing and installing an eligible product(s) listed in the small business rebate claim form (PDF 645KB) between 1 July 2012 and 30 June 2015, to improve the water efficiency of your business.

    Once the product is installed you may apply to your urban water supplier using the Living Victoria Water Rebate Program small business claim form.

    Claim forms are also available from product suppliers, local hardware, plumbing suppliers or garden retailers, your water supplier or by calling the Department of Sustainability and Environment on 136 186.

  • Where required by the Plumbing Regulations 2008, products must be installed by a licensed plumber who must provide a copy of the Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC) certificate of compliance where the combined cost of the product and associated plumbing materials and labour is $750 or greater. This includes rainwater tanks, dual-flush toilets, permanent greywater systems, hot water recirculators, waterless wok stoves and other products as required by regulation.

  • A PIC certificate is a Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC) certificate of compliance that is supplied by a licensed plumber. A PIC certificate must be included with your rebate application if the total cost of the product and associated plumbing is $750 or greater. Ask your plumber to supply you with a PIC certificate on completion of works.

  • As there are many types of small businesses across Victoria, the use of a schedule to set out the eligible products allows the rebate program to provide a range of products to assist many types of businesses. The use of a schedule also allows for ongoing review of the program and types of products that are eligible for a rebate.

  • The small business rebate amount is based on the total expenditure by the small business on eligible products and their installation. The small business rebate is based on 50% of expenditure up to a maximum rebate of $2000.

    This means a business may install the number of products needed to best improve the water efficiency of the business rather than just installing a single or limited number of a product type.

    It also means if the best water savings comes from installing a mix of the eligible products the business may do so.

  • No. Rainwater tanks provide maximum savings when plumbed to the toilet and/or laundry or used for another year round use. Rebates are only available for tanks connected to the toilet and/or laundry or connected to a use within the business that has a year round water requirement other than the garden.

  • Yes. To qualify for a small business rebate, the following documents must be attached to each claim form:

    • invoice (including clear description of product)
    • receipt showing proof of payment
    • plumbing Industry Commission Certificate of compliance (PIC) if required
  • To be eligible for the rebates described in the schedule of products you must have purchased and installed your products after 1 July 2012 and before 30 June 2015. Claims for all rebates must be submitted by 30 September 2015.

  • Your rebate can be provided as a credit on your next water bill(s) or the payment may be requested by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) by filling in the relevant details on the claim form. These payments may take 10-12 weeks to process. You must advise your water supplier how you wish to receive your rebate payment.

  • You can claim only one rebate of up to $2000 for your business and the claim may include multiples of one product or a mix of several products. Each business is only eligible for one successful rebate of $2000.

  • Yes, you may submit one or multiple claims to your water supplier over the life of the program.

    If the first claim is less than the maximum rebate of $2000, then further claims can be submitted for products purchased and installed by 30 June 2015 to claim the residual amount up to the maximum of $2000.

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