Process modification

See how modifying processes can dramatically improve resources efficiency.

Great business leaders are always looking for ways to innovate and improve their basic operating model. Thinking outside the box and implementing new processes can help your business to improve its water and resource efficiency, which can also reduce utility bills.

Case study -  hot box installation at Nufarm Chemicals

Objective: To reduce water evaporation by replacing hot water baths with steam heated hot boxes.

How savings were achieved: Installation of hot boxes that are 84 per cent more water efficient than the hot water baths.

Technology used: Steam heated hot boxes

Water volume saving: 2.68 million litres per year

Nufarm’s largest agricultural chemical manufacturing operation, and their global head office, is located at Laverton North. At the site, water is a central component of the chemical manufacturing process and is used in heating processes; which uses gas to heat the water. Cooling processes also utilise the water, and it is used as an ingredient within the final chemical products themselves.

A key part of the chemical manufacturing process at Nufarm involves heating and liquefying solid raw material. Previously this operation involved the use of hot water baths and drums. The use of baths meant a significant amount of water and energy was lost through evaporation. The baths also posed possible safety risks such as scalding, which had the potential to occur when handling drums from the baths.

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