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City West Water

How can my business become a green leader?

We have a range of programs to help your business become water and energy efficient.

Becoming a business green leader is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment and cut running costs.

We offer our business customers a range of programs that aim to help you make energy and water saving improvements around your business. To find out more simply use the following links menu to navigate our programs.

On this page you will find

Water MAP

Water Management Action Plans (waterMAPs) and Resource Management Action Plans (ResourceMAPs) are action plans that can help improve the water and energy efficiency of your business and reduce contaminants in trade waste.

What is the waterMAP program?

A waterMAP is an action plan to use water more efficiently by understanding water use and identifying water saving actions that can be implemented at your specific business site. This voluntary program for businesses using 5 million litres or more per year will assist you to improve your overall resource efficiency.

What is the ResourceMAP program?

A ResourceMAP is similar to a waterMAP, but also helps your business to understand energy use and trade waste generation, and identify improvement opportunities. Our qualified staff members will provide suggested actions and funding opportunities to help your business carry out any changes.

Advantages of participating in the MAP programs

Our staff will help your business to develop and implement resource efficient processes and procedures, helping you to minimise water bills and offset future rises in the cost of water, energy and waste. In many instances, initiatives to reduce water consumption can also result in a reduction in energy use. We will provide your organisation with support to improve your water efficiency through a range of programs, including the showerhead exchange and research and development.

Get a waterMAP for your business

If you’re interested in completing a waterMAP or ResourceMAP for your business, email

Advice and Support

Our team is here to provide you with advice and support with regard to your business resource efficiency issues. Please contact us by phone on (03) 9313 8202, complete our online contact form or email us at

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Research and development

We have a Research and Development program that aims to connect our business customers with emerging research from around Australia by providing opportunities to conduct research that will assist in Resource Efficiency within their business.

If you have a research need that is specific to your business or that you don’t think has been investigated before, we may also be able to help. As part of our research and development program, we can provide business customers with many types of research and development assistance.

How to get research and development assistance

We offer business customers the opportunity to become involved in research and development projects which can lead to improvements in resource efficiency.

If you would like to further investigate a research opportunity at your business, please contact us by phone on (03) 9313 8703, or email us at to discuss your research and development needs.

Previously completed projects

Our projects are available through the Clearwater Knowledge Hub, the central repository for managing collaborative research in Victoria

Other water industry research and development organisations

The Australian water industry is a world leader in water related research. We are a member of the following groups and makes contributions towards their research. Information on the research conducted by each organisation can be found on their websites.

Other sources of water related R & D information

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Free Water and Energy Assessment

City West Water, Toyota Australia and Hobsons Bay City Council have joined forces to deliver FREE water and energy assessments for small to medium business and schools.

These assessments are currently available to customers within the Hobsons Bay area. However, assistance is also available for customers outside of the Hobson Bay area.

Utilising the environmental expertise of each organisation and the strong business connections between us, Hobsons Bay and their customers, the program aims to identify the most cost effective environmental efficiency opportunities.

A typical assessment includes:

  • A site visit;
  • Analysis of your utility bills;
  • Specialist advice;
  • A comprehensive report;
  • Identify funding opportunities and useful resources; and
  • Actionable recommendations.

Between the partner organisations we have a number of skilled personnel capable of delivering comprehensive analysis of the efficiency opportunities available to your business.

Our assessors have qualifications in environmental science and engineering as well as experience in:

  • Lighting.
  • Heating and Cooling.
  • Process Improvements.
  • Water.
  • Trade Waste.
  • OH&S.
  • Renewable energy technologies.

To date, the program has completed assessments for twelve schools and nine businesses.

These businesses include a chemical manufacturer, laundromat and function and events centre.

“With the cost of electricity, water and gas rising, having the energy assessment done by City West Water and Toyota was fantastic! It provided information and guides to achieve water and energy savings.

I would recommend this program to any business interested in improving their bottom line”.

- Ilch Mickovski Owner The Eco-Laundry Room, Altona. 

If your business or school would like to receive an assessment or have any queries regarding the program please contact

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