Find out how your business can save water through your amenities.

Water use by toilets, showers and basins in commercial facilities can result in average daily demands as high as 157 litres per person per day. Installing water-efficient appliances in amenities and maintaining fixtures can result in water and cost savings.

Case study - 101 collins street is flush with water savings

Objective: To improve water efficiency within the building, reducing the volume of water used.

How savings were achieved: Replacing single flush toilets with efficient dual-flush models.

Technology used: 6/3 litre dual-flush, low pressure solenoid activated valves and compatible pans.

Water volume saving: Over 14 million litres per year.

101 Collins St is among the tallest buildings in Melbourne, with 83,000 square metres of office space accommodating approximately 4,000 office workers.

Toilet flushing, tenants’ use and wash basins previously accounted for 70% of the building’s water use. Having already improved water efficiency in the building’s cooling towers, management committed to doing the same with its toilets.

To achieve this, new water-efficient 6/3 litre dual-flush toilets were installed in the building’s 44 tenanted floors. Although dual-flush toilets are becoming increasingly common in Melbourne’s commercial and industrial buildings, a number of buildings still have inefficient 11 litre single-flush or 11/6 litre dual-flush toilets. By retrofitting 6/3 litre toilets, 101 Collins St is now at the forefront of water-efficient commercial office spaces.

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