Saving water and energy

We offer businesses a range of opportunities and resources to help you save water and energy around your business. Explore case studies and best practice guidelines to reduce your usage and the cost to your business.


Water saving equipment and installations

Save water in your business by installing a water efficient showerheads and toilets.

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Wastewater Recycling

Discover how you can recycle your waste water and save money for your business. Businesses across Melbourne are reusing wastewater for other functional purposes.

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Find out how your business can save water through your amenities.

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Process modification

See how modifying processes can dramatically improve resources efficiency.

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Steam system efficiency

Steam is used in thousands of applications across a range of businesses in a variety of industries, including use as a heat source and for cleaning and sterilisation. There are often simple and low

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Best practice guidelines

Reduce your water use and bills while improving your corporate image. These guidelines and links can help your business save water.

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Cooling tower efficiency

Discover how you can improve your cooling towers efficiency and save money.

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