Recycled water connections

Class A recycled water offers new residential developments in recycled water supply zoned areas a sustainable water source.

Are you a builder or a plumber? We are proposing a new process change to recycled water connections

In areas covered by Greater Western Water, we’re making changes to the way that potable and recycled water meter assemblies are installed on new residential properties.

Greater Western Water is introducing a new process that aims to: reduce the possibility of cross-contamination between the potable and recycled water supply; reduce the theft of copper and brass fittings and meters, and reduce high reinstatement costs carried by owners or builders.

Greater Western Water’s requirements for installing recycled water are:

How to check your recycled water connection

Recycled water is ideal for watering the garden, doing the laundry, toilet flushing and washing the car - but you wouldn't want to drink or bathe in it. That’s why if you are connected to recycled water, you need to make sure your drinking water and recycled water supply comes out of the right tap.

During the construction of your home, plumbers connected recycled water from the recycled water system to your house through distinctive purple pipes. Initially, recycled water pipes were not purple so some more established homes may have alternative colours. It is the owner/occupier’s responsibility to always make sure all plumbing work and the supply is connected correctly. That’s why you must check the drinking and recycled water supplies yourself to make sure they have been correctly installed.

Recycled water connection check should be done in the following situations:

  • prior to Greater Western Water advising you recycled water will be supplied through its recycled water system
  • following general plumbing works around the property.

You can ensure that recycled water is only supplied through your purple recycled water taps and toilets by taking the following five steps:

  1. Turn off the drinking water supply to the property at the drinking water meter located at the front of your property. Your drinking water meter is a different colour, to the purple recycled meter. The recycled water supply should be kept on.
  2. Slowly turn on all hot and cold laundry, sink, bath and shower taps one by one. Your connection should also include your sanitary spray (or bidet) and water/ice dispensers on your refrigerator (if you have one). All taps should run dry after a short period of time. If they continue to run, they could be connected to the recycled water supply.
  3. After all taps have run dry, flush all toilets. Toilets should refill as normal as they should be connected to the recycled water supply.
  4. Turn on all outside taps. The external drinking water tap should run dry. The purple water tap should continue to run.
  5. To check appliances within the home, such as dishwashers, turn on the drinking water supply slowly so that air will be cleared from the pipes. Turn off the recycled water supply at the meter. Then turn on the internal appliances. If the appliances fill with water they are connected correctly to the drinking water supply.
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