Recycled water information for plumbers

Are you a plumber who works with recycled water or alternative water connections?

If you work with recycled water in the our service area, you must complete our plumber training. On completion of the training you will receive a Recycled Water Training Card, which you keep with you as proof that you have completed the required training.

There are special requirements when working with recycled water connections, and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is involved in the compliance process. Three inspections are required to ensure that the recycled water is connected at these stages:

  • Meter to house.
  • Rough-in stage (pipes visible before walls go up).
  • Commissioning.

It is the plumber’s responsibility to book in three inspections of the recycled water works for each step in the building process, as outlined above and ensuring that the recycled water connections are certified.

Failure to obtain certification of the recycled water connection could prevent the residents being issued with a certificate of occupancy.

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How to book a recycled water inspection

The Victorian water corporations have recently been notified by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) of an impending change to the inspection regime of residential recycled water plumbing inspections.

From 1 July 2015, plumbers will be required to book R1, R2 and R3 recycled water inspections directly with Greater Western Water’s contractor, CIS Services.

Bookings with CIS Services can be made via email at or by calling 1800 627 173.

You may also call Greater Western Water Technical Services 1300 299 228 (select #1 then #3).

After receiving your booking CIS Services will contact you to confirm your inspection.

Required inspection booking information

When booking with CIS Services, please provide:

1. Plumber’s details (name and company).
2. Plumber’s mobile phone number and email address.
3. PIC No. & Site address ( lot number and street name).
4. Inspection type (R1, R2 or R 3).
5. Preferred date and time available for inspection.

Please note:

  • CIS Services will only carry out inspections in so far as they relate to the Approval to Connect issued for new developments connecting to recycled water, which accompany the PIC number.
  • If the recycled water connections are not carried out in accordance with the Approval to Connect, Greater Western Water, or their nominated contractor, will request the work be rectified under the provisions of the Water Act 1989. Additional inspection fees will apply.
  • Greater Western Water, or their contractor, will not be certifying or approving plumbing works in terms of quality and will not be liable for any poor workmanship carried out by the plumber.
  • CIS Services will send an email to the plumber following the inspection(s) stating the outcome.

For any further details or questions about this process change in booking recycled water plumbing inspections, please contact Connections and Technical Services on 1300 299 228 or email us.

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