Recycled water connections in laundry

All new houses built in recycled water supply areas will have recycled water access in the laundry.

A third purple tap will now be installed alongside the hot and cold washing machine taps.

The new recycled water laundry connection is part of a long term investigation into clothes washing with recycled water. Our investigations have concluded that there is no difference between recycled water and drinking water for washing clothes or any impacts on the washing machine appliance.

Existing recycled water customers whose houses do not currently have a laundry connection can have one retrofitted in their laundry. They will need to submit a plumbing application form to Greater Western Water prior to commencing any recycled water plumbing work.

Please visit our property development section for more information on plumbing works.

Recycled water laundry connection FAQs

Why should I use recycled water instead of drinking water?

Washing clothes with recycled water can save money on water bills, it has the potential to save 70 litres per household a day and it has been approved by the Department of Health and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Could recycled water affect the performance of my washing machine?

We conducted research on the impacts of recycled water use on the washing machine and found there were no signs of corrosion or scaling on washing machines.

Is recycled water suitable for washing valuable or delicate items?

Recycled water is suitable for washing all items and you should not notice any difference between washing with recycled water and washing with drinking water.

When washing delicate or valuable items always follow the washing instructions on the tag.

What should I expect when I wash my clothes with recycled water?

You should not notice any difference washing clothes with recycled water compared with drinking water. Your clothes washing detergent has the biggest impact on the quality of clothes washing, not the water you use to wash the clothes.

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