Understand what backflow is and what steps you can take to manage it within your property.

What is backflow?

Backflow occurs when water flows opposite to its normal or intended direction.

A properly working and maintained backflow device will ensure water flows safely by trapping water that begins to flow in the wrong direction.

Installing a backflow prevention device ensures that water from a property cannot be drawn back into the main drinking water supply.

There are a number of different backflow prevention devices available. The type of device required will depend on the risk rating of the property with the potential hazard.

As a property owner it is your responsibility to make sure that the correct backflow device is installed. A licensed backflow plumber can inspect your premises and advise you on your property’s needs.

Accredited plumbers will supply us with test results from each premise with a backflow device.

Customers who do not have a device will be responsible for having one installed and if the device is testable, the test results must be forwarded to us to be registered.

For more information you can download the following Backflow prevention containment guidelines and visit the Victorian Building Authority for further industry standards. You can email backflow correspondence to

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