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Easments ExplanationBuilding over an Easement

Easements are sections of private property that have a water main or sewerage pipe running through them. Easements are found on many residential properties. If you have one it will be marked on your land title.

Because we will occasionally need access to the easement to make repairs or maintain the pipes it is worth taking this into your planning. You can read more about our easement guidelines or apply to build over or near a Greater Western Water asset on our build over easement page.

Pressure Sewer AreasPressure Sewer Assets

A small portion of industrial/commercial properties are serviced by a pressure sewer system. This type of system comprises of a pressure sewer pipe located within the street which is owned and maintained by Greater Western Water. We also own and maintain part of the property boundary assembly which connects the property to the pressure sewer pipe.

Within the property is located a collection tank and grinder pump which pumps the sewage into the pressure sewer pipe. The collection pit and grinder pump is owned and operated by the property owner.

You will be notified if your property is located within a pressure sewer area at the time you make application to connect.

If your property was previously serviced by Western Water, please find your application forms through this link.

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