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Search our list of approved products and discover how to have yours added to the list.

Many industry codes and specifications are administered by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) – a national body – and the Melbourne Retail Water Authority (MRWA), which is an association of Melbourne’s three government-owned water retailers: Greater Western Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water.


Approved ProductsMRWA Website

If you are looking for approved network asset products, materials and their conditions of use, visit the  MRAW website. Easy to use, this is the best place to search for approved items for your project.

Contractors please note you should only use the products listed on this site, however, if you should wish to discuss using an unapproved product please email us.

The approved product list does not cover sewerage, potable water or recycled water treatment products and materials.


Melbourne City ScapeProduct approval application process

Are you interested in having a product on our approved products? Follow the list of instructions:

1. The product supplier needs to apply for and receive a positive WSAA appraisal for the product. Please note - if you wish to obtain a WSAA appraisal, please contact WSAA directly.

All pipeline or pipeline structure related products will generally require a positive WSAA product appraisal before we would consider approving the product.

If WSAA deems that a product appraisal is not appropriate (because the product does not meet WSAA’s appraisal criteria), you may request that we approve the product without the appraisal.

2. Product suppliers will need to apply to us for approval using the CWW Product Approval application form which you can find in the downloads section of this page. Approval may be given without an application if the product has a valid positive WSAA product appraisal.

3. We will consider the application, consult with the supplier as required and produce a recommendation which may include conditions of use for the product.

4. Our Technical Approval group (TAG) will then consider the recommendation and make a decision on the approval of the product. TAG generally meets every 4 to 8 weeks.

5. We will then update the MRWA Products Portal to reflect the status and conditions of use of the product.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email us.

Product Standards


Standards is a general term covering all codes, standard drawings, calculation tools and specifications used by us to describe how network assets should be designed and constructed.

Standards can be accessed in one of the following ways:

We have standards covering the following asset classes:

  • Water supply pipeline assets.
  • Sewerage pipeline assets.
  • Pressure sewage network assets.
  • Vacuum sewage network assets.
  • Sewage Pump Stations.


Greater Western Water supplement to the WSAA sewerage pumping station code

In addition to the WSAA Sewage Pump Station code available from the WSAA website, we have a supplement to this code which specifies our requirements which are different or additional to the WSAA Code.

Please note that these requirements are to take precedence over the WSAA code.

The WSAA Sewerage Pumping Station Code covers the planning, design and construction of pumping stations and pressure mains up to and including 200 litres per second and DN 375, respectively.

Please note: the following sewerage plumping station code documents apply to properties previously serviced by City West Water only.


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