New water meter connections

Are you a builder or a plumber? We are implementing a process change to new water meter connections.

In areas covered by Greater Western Water, we are making changes to the way that drinking water and recycled water meter assemblies are installed on new residential properties. The changes will result in reduced fees for relevant plumbing applications.

Greater Western Water is introducing the new process in order to:

  • reduce the theft of copper and brass fittings and meters;
  • reduce high reinstatement costs carried by owners or builders;
  • reduce the possibility of cross contamination between the drinking water and recycled water supply

Watch our video outlining the new process and why we are making this change.

Please visit Property Plus for all new water meter applications.


Please note: The following FAQs and infographics apply to properties previously serviced by City West Water only.




New water meter assembly technical drawings

These drawings provide builders and plumbers with more details about the make-up of our new meters. You can also visit our service metering guidelines page for a detailed overview of the servicing conditions required by Victoria’s three water retailers for new developments, renovations and other existing water metering arrangements.

Find out more about changes to new meter connections for plumbers including how to book an inspection.

Find out more about changes to new meter connections for developers including how to book an inspection.

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