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Water metering and servicing guidelines

Download and view the water meter and servicing guidelines.

The water metering and service guidelines provide a detailed overview of the servicing conditions required by Victoria’s three water retailers for new developments, renovations and other existing water metering arrangements.

You will find a full list of guides to suite the requirements of your project listed as follows.

If you require further information, accessible versions of these documents or wish to provide feedback the Water Metering and Servicing Guidelines, please contact our Technical Team at or on 1300 299 228.

Main to meter installation process change 20mm Meter Assembly

As of 1 July 2017, City West Water will engage their meter services contractor Select Solutions to install all main to meter connections for all sized drinking and recycled water services.

This includes:

  • Installation of the City West Water approved meter(s).
  • The installation of the main to meter pipework , where required, (City West
    Water asset) in the nature strip/roadway into the property boundary, inclusive
    of excavation and reinstatement.
  • Tapping of the City West Water drinking/recycled water main(s).
  • Plugging of a redundant drinking/recycled water service.

Specific details and all applicable costs will be included on the plumbing application and/or the applicable development offer.

City West Water believes this process improvement will standardise the installation of all related works as well as protect plumbers and community due to the ongoing changes and requirements associated with:

  • Traffic management laws.
  • Working on asbestos mains.
  • OHS requirements with excavation works.
  • Meeting relevant Australian and WSAA standards.
  • Water meter manufacturer installation requirements.

As a value added service, we will also offer the customer the option to have the installation and testing of the required backflow device on the drinking water service (containment only) during the main to meter connection.

This would be at an additional cost to the described works above and there will be an option on the plumbing application for customers to select this option. The customer may still request their own plumber to install any required backflow device(s).

For any further enquires please call the Technical Team on 1300 299 228 or email


Water metering and servicing guidelines


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