Accredited consultants and contractors

At Greater Western Water, keeping our community, people, and assets safe is our priority.

This means only accredited consultants and contractors are authorised to perform water and sewerage works within our service area, such as:

  • Consultants who undertake:
    • engineering services and construction auditing services.
  • Contractors who undertake:
    • design, construction and/or maintenance services
    • performing work on the water, alternative (recycled) water and/or wastewater networks.

Accreditation helps us monitor the quality of work to ensure that any work carried out is always safe.

We build strong working relationships with our accredited consultants, contractors and organisations. On this page you’ll find information on our approach to accreditation and how you can start working with us.

Accreditation Conditions and Principles

2-Party Deed System:

Greater Western Water (GWW) is transitioning to a 2-party Development Deeds system, similar to the approach taken by Western Water.

This is where the Offer and Deed/Agreement is issued as a complete document in response to an Applications for Conditions (and no downloading components is necessary). The 2 party Development Deeds are only executed by the Developer and GWW. 

A key step in removing the requirement for Consultants and Contractors to sign the Development Deed is ensuring that Consultants and Contractors have each signed an Accreditation Deed and therefore a process to implement these Accreditation Deeds will commence shortly. 

Personnel principles:

  • Construction Key Personnel must be based at the worksite.
  • Design Key Personnel must undertake the design review and check the design.
  • Audit Key Personnel must undertake the construction audits and maintain the records to prove their work.
  • Key Personnel do the work, and it is their experience rather than that of the organisations experience that counts.

Organisational principles:

  • Specific category accreditation is provided to companies when they have access to accredited key personnel.
  • Each organisations activities are supported by their own internal systems which monitor and improve the performance of their own key personnel and ensure legal compliance and quality outcomes.

Accreditation categories

Our consultants and contractors are accredited in the following categories:


Design accreditation categories:


Reticulation Sewer ≤ DN280 or ≤ 5m in depth SD1
Branch/Main Sewers >DN 280 SD2
Pressure Sewer Systems SD3
Sewage Pumping Station (Prefabricated) & Rising Mains SD4
Sewage Pumping Station (Cast-in-situ) & Rising Mains SD5


Reticulation Water Mains ≤ DN280 WD1
Distribution Water Mains > DN280 WD2
Water Supply Pumping Station & Pressure Control Systems  WD3
Storage Structures WD8
Water Harvesting Structures AWD1
Stormwater Treatment  Systems AWD2
Water Supply Renewals ≤  DN280 RWD1 
Water Supply Renewals > DN280 RWD2


Auditing accreditation categories


Reticulation Sewer ≤ DN280 or ≤ 5m in depth SA1
Branch/Main Sewers > DN 280 SA2
Pressure Sewer Systems SA3
Sewage Pumping Station (Prefabricated) & Rising Mains SA4
Sewage Pumping Station (Cast-in-situ) & Rising Mains SA5

Live Sewer

Any Live Sewer Works SA7
Live Sewer Works – Property Service Connections  SA7
Live Sewer Works – Property Service Connections + Minor Works (M/H’s & Short Extensions)  SA7
Live Sewer – Non-Entry SA7


Reticulation Water Mains ≤ DN280 WA1
Distribution Water Mains > DN280 WA2
Water Supply Pumping Station & Pressure Control Systems  WA3



Reticulation Sewer ≤ DN280 or ≤3.5m in depth SC1
Reticulation ≤ DN280 and > 3.5m depth SC1(a)
Branch/Main Sewers >DN 280 SC2
Pressure Sewer Systems SC3
Sewage Pumping Station (Prefabricated) & Rising Mains SC4
Sewage Pumping Station (Cast-in-situ) & Rising Mains SC5
Sewer Rehabilitation  SC6

Live Sewer

Any Live Sewer Works SC7
Live Sewer Works – Property Service Connections  SC8
Live Sewer Works – SC8 + Minor Works (M/H’s & Short Extensions)  SC9
Live Sewer – Non-Entry SC10


Reticulation Water Mains ≤ DN280 WC1
Distribution Water Mains > DN280 WC2
Water Supply Pumping Station & Pressure Control Systems  WC3
Storage Structures WC8
Water Harvesting Structures AWC1
Stormwater Treatment Systems AWC2
Water Supply Renewals ≤ DN280 RWC1
Water Supply Renewals > DN280 RWC2

Please note:

  • For high-risk categories such as R1, R2, R3, SC4, WC3 and RWC1, (and other categories on a case-by-case basis) referees or project auditors familiar with the Consultant or Contractor are contacted to verify that the Consultant or Contractor is competent to perform the work.
  • Accreditation doesn’t cover sewerage or recycled water treatment assets or assets constructed by Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs).
  • Consultants only:
  • P1 - Sewer Hydraulic Modelling
  • P2- Water Catchment and Pipeline Flow modelling

Search for accredited consultants or contractors

Use the following lists to find accredited consultants and/or contractors who can perform works on our assets in our service area. Even if you are already accredited, you might need to check you are accredited in the correct categories:

Apply for accreditation

How the application process works:

1) Pre-requisites

To apply for accreditation ALL organisations must have:

  • a Registered Quality System to either ISO 9001:2015 or Civil Contractors Federation QMS (contractors only)
  • WorkCover VIC insurance for your ABN.

2) Starting an application

All applications (including development consultants, contractors and live sewer contractors) are lodged and assessed through an online accreditation application system called - ARCUS Supplier Information Management (SIM).

If you meet the above pre-requisites, then you can email us to request a link to begin your ARCUS application.

If you meet our accreditation requirements, you will be sent the relevant Accreditation Deed to sign via Docu-sign. To review the contents of the Accreditation Deed documents, please select the links below.

3) Completing an application

  • You select the link in the email we send you to start your online ARCUS application.
  • We receive a notification from ARCUS that your application has started and our Quality Assurance Team use the information you provide in your application to review the experience and capability of the Consultant and/or Contractor applying for accreditation.
  • Once our review is satisfactory, accreditation will be approved, and you will be notified by email/phone.
  • Your organisation will then be added to our accreditation list.

Application enquires

We’re here to discuss any aspects of the accreditation process at any time, please phone (03) 9313 8646 with any enquiries.

Dispensations, upgrading and suspension


If you don’t have accreditation, but you have previously worked for other state or national water authorities you can a pply for a dispensation (special consideration).

Email us with the following details:

  • details of the projects you have previously worked on
    • for contractor dispensations – please supply key personnel details from previous projects
    • for design dispensations – please provide the personnel details of the design checker who has checked your work from previous projects.

After 2 to 3 successful dispensations, you may be given full accreditation for that category of works.


We build strong and long-lasting relationships with our consultants and contractors and once we get to know the quality of your work, you may be able to upgrade your accreditation into other categories.

If you have worked with us previously and want accreditation for a category you currently don’t hold, you can apply for a dispensation to upgrade.

Email us with the category you would like to be accredited for and our team will be in touch to finalise your request.


Remember that keeping everyone safe is our priority, so if organisations breach safety requirements we will suspend accreditation, due to:

  • an act of critical non-conformance, such as safety breach
  • or one or more acts of major non-conformance.

To remove a suspension from your name:

  • We audit and check reference sites (any works for other authorities) the organisation has previously carried out.
  • The suspended organisation must demonstrate significant and embedded changes to prove that the non-conformance is not likely to occur again.
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