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Get a bill copy

Customers in the area previously serviced by City West Water receive a bill four times by year (every three months). If you're missing a bill, you can access previous bills in the following ways:

Option 1: MyAccount

Residential customers can download copies of bills from MyAccount. Login to MyAccount, or learn more about how to register for MyAccount. If you are a business customer, please call 13 44 99.

Option 2: Register for email bills

When you register for email bills, all your bills are sent to your nominated email inbox, so your bills can be stored conveniently in one location to find later. You can register for eBilling today.

Option 3: Request a copy from us

You can also request a copy of your bill by contacting us:


Update your account details

You should tell us if your name, mailing address or telephone number has changed.

Update mailing address or phone number

To update your mailing address or number:

Update your name

To update your name you will need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate, change of name certificate or drivers licence. You can submit these through our online contact form


How to read your bill

Every bill you receive from us includes a breakdown of the individual charges that make up your total bill as well as your water usage and payment information. To understand these charges in more detail visit our Charges explained page.

Example water bill

Billing explained page 2 Billing Explained Page 1

  1. A top corner directory that includes:
    • Your 12-digit account number
    • Your property details
    • Our contact details
  2. The total amount due and the due date.
  3. Account summary breaking down the bill charges, including:
    • Usage charges
    • Network charges
    • Other charges
    • Any adjustments applied.
  4. Details of charges include a more comprehensive breakdown of the bill charges.
  5. Important information usually about certain charges of service offerings relevant to your account.
  6. Additional features section showing your average daily use for the billing period and over the last 12 months. It also compares your use to average use in your neighbourhood.
  7. Payment details section showing the various ways you can pay your bill.


Still need help understanding your bill?:

Is your bill higher than normal? You might have a leak!

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