Please note: The eBilling information on this page is for 12-digit account numbers.

If you have a 13-digit account number, please refer to this eBilling information.

eBilling is an email billing service. Instead of receiving a paper bill by post, you can choose to conveniently receive your Greater Western Water bills to a nominated email address to access anytime, anywhere you have email access. 

There's many benefits to signing up and here’s five great reasons why: 

  • lessen paper clutter around your home 
  • enjoy the convenience of having your eBill delivered securely to your inbox 
  • view your eBill anytime from your phone, tablet, pc or desktop, making paying your bill easier 
  • retrieve previous bills fast from your personal email account whenever you need – especially handy around tax time 
  • reduce time spent storing statements on your fridge, message board or searching for mislaid bills. 

Please note: When a new residential account is created, tenants and owner-occupiers will receive their bills via email (see eBilling Terms and Conditions for more details). If you are receiving paper bills and would like to switch to receive your bills via email, you can register for eBilling. You can switch back to paper bills any time.

How do I register for eBilling?

Residential customers can register for eBilling online. Once you have submitted the form you will receive a confirmation email and your next water bill will be sent directly to your nominated email address. 

Please note: If you have a business account with us, please call us on 13 44 99 between 8.30am and 5.00pm (Mon-Fri).

Register for eBilling

How does eBilling work?

  • After signing up for eBilling, we will send your next Greater Western Water bill to your nominated email address.
  • The eBill includes a summary of your bill and a link to download a PDF of your bill in detail.
  • The payment arrangements and all other conditions associated with your Greater Western Water account are applicable to the eBilling service. It simply means you’ve opted to change the method of bill delivery – instead of post, it’s by email!

eBilling FAQs

How often will I receive an eBill?

Our bills are sent out on a quarterly basis. The billing cycle we follow is identical whether you receive bills by post or by email.

What are some of the benefits of eBilling?
  • Receiving your bill by email helps the environment by reducing paper use and transport.  
  • eBilling also makes tax time easier, because all your bills can be found in one location. 
  • eBilling offers you the convenience of being able to view and download your bills anywhere, and at any time, as long as you have email access. 
Can I switch back to paper bills at any time?

Yes, residential customers can switch back to paper bills anytime. Business customers can call us on 13 44 99. Please note, submitting this request only cancels your eBilling registration, if you want to cancel your BPAY View, you will need to contact your bank.  

Business customers can call us on 13 44 99 to switch to paper bills. 

What if I currently receive my bill through BPAYView?

If you are currently a BPAYView customer please contact your bank to deregister from BPAYView. We can change your bill delivery method to eBills - however you will be required to inform your bank of the change in delivery method.

What happens if I change my email address?

Once you’ve registered for eBilling, any change to your nominated email address will need to be updated on our billing system. If you are a residential customer you can update your email address. Business customers can call us on 13 44 99.

What happens if I don't receive my eBill?

It’s worth checking your junk or spam folders to see if your bill has been filed incorrectly.

In some cases the email may bounce back. This will happen when your email address is invalid or your email is full. If this happens your email address will show on our email delivery report and will be flagged as undeliverable. A paper version of your bill will be sent to you by mail.

Your paper bill will be accompanied with a letter that explains your email delivery issue and will ask if you want to update your email address.

Can I get both eBill and paper bills?

We can provide either an eBill or a paper bill, not both.

What is the difference between eBilling and MyAccount?

eBilling is an email billing service. Residential customers can choose to conveniently receive their Greater Western Water bills to a nominated email address, instead of receiving a paper bill by post.

MyAccount is your water account, online. It is a portal residential customers can log into for greater access and control of their account. To be able to register for MyAccount, residential customers require an email address that is linked to their account. The easiest way to link an email to your account is to register for eBilling.

If you already have an email address linked to your account, you can register for MyAccount.

What is the eligibility criteria to register for eBilling?
  • Currently only residential existing or new customers can be registered for eBilling.
  • eBilling cannot be set up on accounts beginning with ‘999’.
  • Where eBilling is requested for an account that has BPAY View (BPV) set up, BPV must be cancelled – you can do this by contacting your bank.
  • Business customers please call 13 44 99 (8.30am - 5.00pm Mon-Fri) to confirm eligibility.
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Looking for previous bills?

As well as being able to find all your bills in your email inbox, another option for residential customers to access previous bills is inside your online account portal - MyAccount.

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